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USA Trade Data Analysis

American import trade data is also called the United States Import Bill of Lading data. This includes US importers’ names and addresses, as well as overseas sellers’ names and contact information. This is very helpful for companies looking for America’s potential, seeking real buyers, wanting to monitor competitors, and hoping to learn the US import market. Regiontrades provides US trade data and report analysis, analysis of products in the US trade trends, buyer’s reports, supplier reports, and country of origin statements.

USA Trade Data
Features and Advantages of US Trade Data Analysis
US Imports data comes from the United States’ customs AMS bill of lading database manifest system. This system details every ocean bill of lading shipped from all over the world by importers in North America including the North American free trade area (the United States, Canada and Mexico). This system also covers Latin American importers from eastern and western ports.

American import trade data contains information on sellers, purchasers, goods details, and transport details. It can help you understand which products are purchased by U.S. purchasers, what suppliers are available, weight, procurement cycles, and more. At the same time, American import trade data analysis includes the purchaser and the supplier’s company name, contact person, telephone number, email, and website. This is extremely helpful to enterprises hoping to conduct foreign trade marketing activities.

Deriving our data directly from official US agencies ensures that it is real.
Find all US ocean bill of lading information, which numbers at about 1.2 million per month.
Data updates daily, ensuring that our data is always current.
We provide a professional and accurate inquiry system to find practical personalized information within the United States’ import data.

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