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Foreign Trade Salesman Must Know the Following Truth

01 – A poor salesman is a transmitter, if your boss have time or know English that you will lose your job. Ordinary salesman only know how to sale products, they can answer the customer questions fluently, but can not effect the choice of buyers. Good salesman is a shopping guide, can help guests to clear his own the real needs, and think of ways to

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Global Import and Export Data

Regiontrades provides monthly import and export data for 20 countries, which update monthly. Data information includes customs codes, product descriptions, country of origin / sales, quantity, amount, unit price, purchaser / supplier and other information. In addition, we can also provide the annual total import & export data of the global 200 countries. Log on

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Inforvellor Buyer Information

International Business Intelligence Data Platform developed by Inforvellor aims to fill the gap between current international trade market service and deep market survey data analysis, and to promote trade information of key industries and enterprises to expand the international market. Global Buyer Resources Foreign trade enterprise can provide 20 countries in the world for thousands of customers online,