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Data Resources Cover Several Major Global Markets

Regiontrades customs data including the customs import and export data all product categories, the United States, Russia, Chinese customs data, India and other 20 countries of the whole industry, which is several of the world’s main market countries all through the customs import and export of all products. To help foreign trade enterprises to integrate the global main market, massive customer resources, generate a variety of data analysis reports and charts, to assist foreign trade enterprises to easily expand the international market.

Global Channel, Sources of Information

As an America professional data service provider , after years of development, our data integration platform from the national customs agencies, trade associations, network, exhibition, B2B, large enterprises and other business information sources. With the powerful information crawl technology company owned, rapid direct capture massive high-quality customer contact information, including company name, contact person, telephone, fax, email, address, address, let the enterprise customers more accurate and more efficient development.

Regiontrades Sincerely Serve for You

In the field of foreign trade service, Regiontrades analysis a deep understanding of foreign trade service management, resulting in the accumulation of perfect service for the foreign trade knowledge system, oriented foreign trade data provide three-dimensional, intelligent and comprehensive.

In the future, Regiontrades will seize the historic opportunity to enhance the absorption and innovation of science and technology, promote the continuous upgrading of Chinese foreign trade data products and services, and strive to build the leading foreign trade data in the field of information technology, to realize the magnificent leap of Regiontrades in the late ten years!

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