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When communicate with customers for customs data, many customers complain that they can not get the E-main when developing their customers. Here Regiontrades share the exclusive collection of Google development skills for foreign trade. Using Google syntax to quickly filter industry client E-main address, Hope this can be helpful to you.

Grammar 1: Product keywords & Google high-frequency word filter formula

According to our conventional search methods, the search results can produce a lot of information that we don’t need. We can use logical non – operations, or subtraction.

For example, we use the keyword ‘sport socks’. If you want to search for sport socks without the German vendor’s information, you can search on Google by ‘sport socks  -de’. If you want to filter out information about B2B platforms and forums,

Use the grammar ‘sport socks -cn -B2B -Tribune. Use subtraction if not necessary’.

Grammar 2: Double quotation marks, accurate query syntax.

What if we want to search directly for the gmail address by sport sock, what shall we do? Enter the syntax as follows: Sport sock “@gmail.com”, in the information you want to win double quotation marks, meaning to tell Google, we want to search sport sock keyword, display all pages containing gmail.

In addition, we can work with the first syntax: sport, socks, @gmail.com, -cn, -b2b

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