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Regiontrades provides monthly import and export data for 20 countries, which update monthly. Data information includes customs codes, product descriptions, country of origin / sales, quantity, amount, unit price, purchaser / supplier and other information. In addition, we can also provide the annual total import & export data of the global 200 countries.

Log on Regiontrades trade data query platform, customers can search data, view industry reports, country reports and download customs data according to the customs code or product description.

Currently, Regiontrades provides customs data of countries including Argentina, Russia, the United States, China, Chile, Columbia and Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador, India, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Britain, Pakistan, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and other 20 countries. Regiontrades provides you with direct and accurate market data, timely, comprehensive data updates, accurate, deep reporting analysis. For more information, please dell our professional information consultant  +13019821900.

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