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Different Data Sources

The source of China import and export customs data is the customs declaration filed with the customs when the import and export goods are imported by the domestic company.

Foreign bill of lading, customs data, the main source of imports of goods in various countries when the use of bills of lading.

Different data contents

Due to the different sources of data, data content is different too, the source data is China customs declaration, it reflects the domestic import and export companies and cargo information, but there is no foreign company information, in other words, you can find the goods exported to any country, but can not find out who is the purchaser. While the foreign customs data source is the bill of lading, it reflects the specific consignee, the shipper of goods, information and so on, simply say that you can not only know how to export goods company in the country, but also know who is his customers, customer import quantity and price information.

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