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In the Internet era, more and more foreign companies use customs data to develop customers, sometimes they also doubt in query information, not believe that these data really helpful in the field of foreign trade. In this circumstance, we are quite familiar with bill of lading and customs data, so what about the data of bill of lading in customs data?

A bill of lading in the field of foreign trade, which means that the contract of carriage goods by sea and goods have been received or shipped by the carrier and the carrier guarantees the delivery of the goods. That is the export loading goods list.

Data in the bill of lading refers to the customs data, we can see both the buyer and the seller is the purchaser, supplier and product information, single custom data that can see the buyer and the purchaser product information, except for supplier information. The difference is that the supplier’s information, since it is the use of customs data to develop customers in foreign trade, is also the main purchaser information, does not affect the development of the foreign trade company customers, at present the legitimacy of public customs data which is provided in a single country.

Countries of lading bill: Mexico, the United States, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Mumbai, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Vietnam.

Countries of customs: Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Poland, Korea, Taiwan, India, Philippines.

The customs data provided by Regiontrades in 20 countries are valuable and used by many research companies in the U.S. and overseas markets. Our data helps companies  to develop potential markets and to find collaborative customers to maintain long-term business relationships and help businesses grow faster and achieve better return in a short time.

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