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The importance of big data of foreign trade

In today’s fast-changing international trade, enterprise informatization has become an important means for foreign trade enterprises to cope with competition in the international market. The information management system has been widely applied and developed in foreign trade enterprises. International foreign trade enterprises must adapt to the requirements of the information economy era and make full

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Use customs data to develop potential customers

Customs data can help you understand the export situation of your competitors, from who your potential purchasers buy products, and who are in urgent need of procurement. Although knowing which buyers are purchasing the same products as yours, it does not mean that they are suitable for your customer development. It’s difficult to develop some

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US import customs B/L database

Regiontrades is a long year provider of US bill of lading import data. Over the years, it has accumulated the massive US maritime trade database in its industry. Within a few hours after receiving the data, we will validate and standardize the data so that you can spend more your time in business decisions, instead of

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Use customs data to find potential customers

Customs data is one of the four major ways including B2B platforms, search engines, and social media to develop foreign trade customers. If foreign trade companies better use it, it will bring them maximum benefits and new opportunity. Customs data is the best way to find importers and exporters and analyze the market. It is one

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Reliable market intelligence doubles business profits

Regiontrades is a reliable source of market intelligence for Brazilian trade information. We collect comprehensive customs records on Brazilian imports from trusted sources so that we can get a more complete picture of Brazil’s imports. Regiontrades provides accurate and favorable Brazil trade data. We provide practical and reliable trade data for Brazil at very competitive prices.

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What taxes should foreign companies declare in US?

There are many companies from foreign countries in the United States, and there are many foreign entrepreneurs coming to the United States. When the annual tax season is coming, what taxes should these foreign companies declare? Different company properties determine different tax Ltd. company: K-1 Tax Return Form Partner company: K-1P Tax Return Form Joint-stock

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Can EU escape US tariff under high trade surplus?

In 2018, the EU almost broke out of a fierce economic war with the United States, and finally resolved the crisis by committing to trade rebalancing. In 2019, how to fulfill the promise and meet the requirements of US President Donald Trump is a challenge that the EU needs to face. Negotiators from the European

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US electronics market analysis

In the first half of 2018, the value of electronic products import accounted for 13.4% of total US imports and the value of the export accounted for 9% of total US exports. As US policy increasingly focuses on reducing the country’s trade deficit, whereas, the trade deficit in electronics industry remains at a high level.

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China and Argentina expand cooperation areas to promote complementary advantages

China and Argentina signed 30 cooperation agreements on December 2nd, covering economics, trade and exports. Prior to this, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the two countries to “create a new era of China-Argentina comprehensive strategic partnership” during his meeting with Argentine President Makri. Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Argentina, as important developing

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China to expand market access for foreign investors

In a speech to the upper house of the Spanish Parliament during his visit to Madrid, Xi Jinping said that China planned to import goods worth 10 trillion US dollars in the next five years. “China will strive to open its doors to the outside world, and we will work to simplify market access and