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Argentina Import Export Data

Argentina Import Export Data

Argentina import export Data contains buyer information, goods information, shipping information, and other foreign trade data to help you understand what products to purchase for buyers, purchase quantities, weight and procurement cycles, country of origin / destination country information, customs city information. This data is vital to helping enterprises exploit the international market.

Argentinian Customs Data includes import and export data, customs codes, detailed description of products, dates, quantities, weights, amounts, transportation modes, customs cities, import country of origin, importers, and so on. Argentina’s customs data reveals detailed international trade activities between Argentinian enterprises and enterprises from all over the world, helping you to develop and promote international import and export business opportunities in Argentina and even around the world.

Field Contents Of Argentina Trade Data

The main goods imported by Argentina from China are mechanical electrical products and chemical products. In addition to this are imports of base metals and products, textiles and raw materials, as well as plastics, rubber, and other major imports. These have increased and together have accounted for 16.3% of total imports from China. In addition, transport equipment imports are at $110 million, down 48.8%, and account for 4.8% of total imports from China. Brazil, the United States, and Germany are among the country’s major competitors for the products mentioned above. Argentina’s customs data, using customs code inquiry by Regiontrades, provides you with accurate customer resources in Argentina, skip competitors, help you establish contact with customers directly, and increase opportunities for cooperation.

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