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Through the Regiontrades database, you can browse through the millions of real shipping goods that are recorded in USA customs import records, You can uncover the workings of this global economic engine: the who, what, when and where of trade with the rest of the world. USA Import Database helps to create new buyers and suppliers list from USA & All over the world. Curate inquiry system, find practical American import data.

· True: the data comes from the United States customs authority

· Complete: all USA Marine bill of lading information, which is about 1.2 million per month

· Timely: the data update frequency is in the daily unit, sufficient to satisfy the immediacy of the information

· Accurate: provide professional accurate inquiry system, find practical American import data

Product Tendency Analysis

US data update data on a daily basis, and you can query product data faster and more quickly.

Analysis Of Port

Analyze which ports are exported to the United States, optimize the shipping route and save logistics cost.

Exporter / Import Analysis

To grasp the global purchasing situation of existing customers, realize customer classification and differentiate key customers.

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